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Cookie Policy

We aim to make Sackito website easy to navigate, useful and reliable. This sometimes involves placing small data files containing small amounts of information on your computer or device, known as cookies.

Cookies collect certain information about you. This enables us to tailor our service in order to provide you with products and services which are more relevant to your individual tastes and to improve your experience while visiting the website.

By continuing your visit on the website, you are agreeing to our use of cookies.

You can choose to decline the use and saving of cookies from the Sackito website by modifying your website browser settings, this may however prevent you from taking full advantage of the functionality and enjoyment of our website.

Cookies are widely used and do not contain any personal information about you, they cannot be used to identify you personally, are highly restricted by the browser, cannot be made to compromise your computer, cannot execute a program and cannot carry viruses or install malware.

A cookie often includes a unique, randomly generated identifier number which is stored on your computer or device. Cookies may expire at the end of your website session or remain on your computer for longer.

These pieces of information, such as remembering details when filling out a website form, recognising login details and search information, are used to improve services for you and help us to provide you with a better website.

Where applicable, the Sackito website uses a cookie control system allowing the user on their first visit to the website to allow or disallow the use of cookies on their computer or device. This complies with recent legislation requirements for websites to obtain explicit consent from users before leaving behind or reading files such as cookies on a user’s computer or device.

A list of the cookies used on the website is set out below.

Session cookies: These cookies contain information that is stored in a temporary memory location when a browser session starts and is then subsequently deleted after the session is completed or the web browser is closed. Session cookies store information that the user has input and tracks the movements of the user within the website.

Third party cookies: These cookies are set by a website other than the one the user is currently visiting. Third party cookies are placed on a user’s hard disk so that a site can remember something about the user at a later time. For example, selecting a social media “Like” button on the website which will store a cookie on the user’s computer, that cookie can later be accessed from these social networks. We recommend checking the third-parties’ websites for more information about their cookies and how to manage them.

For further information about cookies, including how to refuse cookies, please visit and

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