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At sackito, we are committed to a greener future and passionate about recycling and sustainability. There are thousands of coffee sacks sent to landfill every year in the UK and we are determined to find environmentally friendly ways to re-use these sacks.

We collect the used coffee sacks from local roasters and bring them to HM Prison Pentonville where they are quality checked. Using her years of experience in design, Maria alongside the residents turns each coffee sack into a beautiful and hard wearing jute bag. Additionally, since jute is completely recyclable and biodegradable, when your bag is old and frayed it can be composted for the garden.


Maria Skelly has provided brands like M&S, Debenhams, and Panache with her stunning designs that have been sold all around the world.

Maria came up with the idea to create a sustainable bag design that works for everyone, helps prisoners gain a skill, and is recyclable.

For any design information contact Maria at

Sustainable Development

Given sackito’s commitment to sustainability and environmentally friendly products, we have created a stunning range of jute bags made completely from reclaimed coffee sacks.

We believe it is our duty to ensure sustainable and responsible use of the planet’s resources by preserving and recycling them.

We have found a way to upcycle a product from a natural resource. In a previous life, our bags were used as sacks to import coffee from countries such as Brazil, Honduras, Panama, and Ethiopia.

Our commitment is to help look after the world. Our duty is to achieve the sustainable use of these natural resources.

Rest assured that when you purchase one of sackito’s bags you are helping to care for the planet.

Charitable donation

For every bag sold on our website shop we donate £1 to StandOut

StandOut is an award-winning charity supporting people leaving prison in London to find employment, realise their potential and move out of the criminal justice system for good. StandOut’s unique model is to deliver group programmes inside prison followed by one-to-one coaching and practical support after release for as long as required.

Sackito bags are made inside HMP Pentonville, one of StandOut’s partner prisons. By purchasing a Sackito bag, you can help StandOut to break the cycle of reoffending and empower more people like Nathan to transform their own lives. Nathan took part in StandOut in HMP Pentonville and it sparked a passion for mentoring. More than two years after his release, Nathan has continued to work with StandOut and is now inspiring others to move away from crime.

“No matter how long you do in prison, if you want to change that will happen in a split second. For me, that moment was StandOut. They met me at the lowest point in my life and saw so much good and potential in me. Two years after release, and now I’m working as a mentor with young people to try and give others the lightbulb moment that StandOut gave me” — Nathan, StandOut Trainee

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